About this Website

About this Website

This website was created to empower the greater community and to centralise the flow of community-relevant information for the Sippy Downs and Surrounding Areas.

One of the reasons we decided to do this is that there are many great organisations, groups and businesses sharing information on their own digital networks however often large parts of the community do not ever see this information as the community members are not subscribed to the organisation’s website, social or email distribution networks.
Also where Community Members are connected to all of the local websites, social or email distribution networks, often information is lost in their inbox or social feed.

By everyone working together in the true spirit of community and centralising the flow of information through the “Sippy Downs & District Community Website”, locals can see all local News, Offers, Events and Opportunities to participate or get involved all in one place!
Then they can simply click on your post to take them to your individual Website or Social Page or Feed for full or further details, to book or express interest.


The “Sippy Downs and District Community Website” is proudly provided to the community by the Sippy Downs & District Community Association (SDDCA)
It was created to empower the community by centralising the flow of community-relevant information for our “Knowledge Precinct” by opening the doors to not only community members but organisations and elected representatives to make local information readily accessible. Want to share something now or regularly? Submit Now or Register Today to share regularly! The https://sippydowns.qld.au domain name is registered through auDA and licenced to the SDDCA to provide a free flow of quality information from the community to the community, by the community.

What are Community Geographic Domain Names?

Community Geographic Domain Names are intuitive, easy to remember, locality-based website addresses that combine a town or suburb’s name with the name of the state and country where the town or suburb is found, such as www.buderim.qld.au and www.alexandraheadland.qld.au The Community Geographic Domain Name licensing system is a national system that aims to deliver quality online information portals potentially for every town and suburb in Australia. They are regulated by auDA on behalf of the Australian Government and supported by all Australian State and Territory Governments. There are currently 22,000 Community Geographic Domain Name licenses available in Australia and with continued government support the Community Geographic Domain Name system will become the standard for accessing locality-based information.

What are the requirements of a Community Geographic Domain Name License holder?

To ensure a high quality of experience for the internet user Community Geographic Domain Name license holders may only use the domain for the provision of a community-based information portal. Such portals should include but are not limited to community events calendar, local business directory, community organisation directory, general information, local news and a community feedback facility. The aim of Community Websites is to provide an online communication tool to help foster and develop stronger communities by promoting local economic activity and participation in social, cultural, learning and civic activities.


Michael Druce SDDCA, SDDCW & SDDCD Webmaster admin@sippydowns.org.au Ph: 0450 383 660
Needing to Contact the Community Association?
Visit the Sippy Downs & District Community Association (SDDCA) website at https://sippydowns.org.au or email the Association Secretary, Jo Jenkins on info@sippydowns.org.au

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