Bruce Hwy Update – DTMR Responses to SDDCA Clarification Requests

Due to the recent concerns aired publicly by a newly formed action group, the Sippy Downs & District Community Association has sought clarification from the Department of Transport and Main Roads to assure residents that the information released by the SDDCA is accurate and that the current Bruce Highway upgrade plans will NOT have an adverse impact on local Sippy Downs streets.

Questions and answers below. (DTMR Responses are highlighted in Blue)

Would the closure of the on/off ramps on the Bruce Highway and the construction of the western service road “have huge implications for future increased traffic THROUGH Sippy Downs, when 17,000 people are trying to get into Palmview (the new Palmview greenfield site)?  Save Exit 190 has stated that ‘motorists will always take the shortest route possible, and that means through our already congested streets of Sippy Downs’.  Can you please clarify?

Neither the western service road nor the closure of the ramps at Pignata and Frizzo Roads will have any impact on traffic flow through Sippy Downs. 
The development and approval process for the Palmview residential development infrastructure plan is an independent process and is not dependent on any upgrade of the Bruce Highway. 
TMR’s input into the assessment of the Palmview infrastructure plan was to advise that the development would not be allowed to have direct access to the Bruce Highway or access to the Highway via the existing entry and exit ramps at Pignata Road.
As part of the Bruce Highway – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway upgrade project, TMR has allowed provision for a road connection from the Palmview development to connect to the upgraded Pignata Road underpass. This connection would be undertaken by others not TMR.

The SDDCA accepts the need to remove the exit 190 ramps for safety and operations reasons in order to construct the western service road, increase this section of highway to six lanes and increase the speed limit to 110 knp.  The following response was received from DTMR:

Based on the revised preferred planning layout released on 17 July 2015, the department will permanently remove the access ramps in the Glenview/Palmview area for safety and operational reasons which are reflected in new road design standards adopted since the highway was last upgraded in the 1980’s. Importantly, only after completion of the western service road will the Frizzo Road/Pignata Road entry and exit ramps be removed, creating a safer environment for motorists. This is anticipated towards the end of the construction program.
The western service road will be constructed as an extension of Frizzo Road to Steve Irwin Way in the south and to Tanawha Tourist Drive in the north, designed specifically to provide local road connections and improve safety for local road users accessing their properties and/or local businesses in the Glenview/Palmview area.
Extensive investigations were undertaken as part of the review of the draft planning layout into providing direct highway access to the Aussie World precinct. Based on the revised preferred planning layout, maintaining the ramps between these two interchanges creates an unsafe road environment by creating conflicting lane changing and merging movements, increasing the crash risk. 

Does the current plan have any adverse impact for emergency service vehicle response time?

The department consulted with representatives from emergency services, key stakeholders and the community to develop a layout which provides a safer road environment and eases congestion along this section of the National Highway. 
The improvements from the upgrade include safer and more efficient access for emergency services and indeed, all road traffic. Traffic projections show that without an upgrade, traffic on the highway and interchanges will impact heavily on free traffic flow such that emergency response times, especially during peak hour traffic, will be severely impeded without an upgrade.

An update of the Bruce Highway upgrade will be an agenda item at the Sippy Downs & District Community Association AGM on Wednesday 26 August 2015 commencing at 7pm, at the Chancellor State College primary campus hall.

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