Sunshine Coast Council is required to ensure that all existing bus stops across the region are upgraded to meet the Federal Government’s Disability Access Standards. We are required to ensure that all bus stops are made compliant by 2022.

In addition to making the bus stops compliant to the Disability Access Standards, a key element in ensuring a more sustainable future for the Sunshine Coast by reducing the number of vehicles on the road network, will be to encourage people to increase the number of trips on public transport.

The bus stop in front of 94 Karawatha Street is scheduled to be upgraded to meet the Disability Access Act.

In addition to upgrading the concrete slab and access, a review of the patronage at this stop has triggered the need to install a bus shelter. In addition to the patronage numbers, council has received several requests for a shelter at this location.

The shelter to be installed in front of 94 Karawatha Street will be the same as the shelter shown in the image below – taken from Google Street View and showing the bus shelter at 111 Karawatha Drive. The slab and pathway will be very similar as well.

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