Need new glasses?

Need new glasses?

Community Member Shout Out

I have recently purchased spectacles from Optikus – Chancellor Park Shopping village, just as a matter of chance when I saw their store.
I am exceptionally pleased with my decision to use them as the attention they gave my eyes when examining and making recommendations greatly impressed me. So different to the service I have ever received from the big advertising players in the industry.

I am very grateful to them and thoroughly recommend their services.

I am a long term resident of Chancellor Park having lived here since 2001 and was not aware of this business until my recent visit.

Simon Poole – Resident

Sippy Downs Craft Market for Charity | Thurs Nov 22

Sippy Downs Craft Market for Charity | Thurs Nov 22

Bellflower Village in Sippy downs has a craft market at the community hall tomorrow (Thursday, Nov 22) from 10 – 1 pm. Many local crafts for sale just in time for Christmas.

Google Maps Directions to Bellflower Village

My Gran Frances is going to be selling all her wonderful succulents there – around $5 per plant!

Raising money for the View club who donate all money to the Smith family, learning for life for disadvantaged children charity! All profit goes to this. Get behind the ladies and gents who have so kindly donated their crafts/plants and time for a great cause.

Many thanks,


Kangaroo Warning Signs At Sippy Downs A National First

Kangaroo Warning Signs At Sippy Downs A National First

Hi all,

Council has recently installed two Vehicle Actuated Kangaroo Warning signs on Sippy Downs Drive in response to concerns raised by the University of the Sunshine Coast and wider community about the kangaroo mortality rate in the area. 

The signs, which are an Australian first, have been installed at the locations shown in red circles on the attached plan. The signs have been tested and are operating as specified.

Council’s Graduate Engineer Alex managed the research, design and delivery of the signs and did a fantastic job. J1 LED was the successful tenderer and they worked closely with Alex to deliver the works.

These signs will work in partnership with the recently installed Kangaroo warning posts that emit both light and sound to keep Kangaroos away from our local roads in the precinct.

Kind regards,



Sippy Downs Radio – Tune to 87.6 FM or Listen Online!

Sippy Downs Radio – Tune to 87.6 FM or Listen Online!

We recently had the opportunity and pleasure to catch up with Des Cooper a local Sippy Downs resident who in August of 2013 set up the Village FM Radio Station at 80 years young. Now 85 Des is still going strong sharing his astounding music collection with the local and wider community.

We asked Des how all this came about and he shared with us, “It took me some 2 years to get all the music together and another 2 to get the licence sorted out”

“With my love of music and knowing a lot of people in my area are vision impaired – who can’t watch television or read papers – I thought I’d get a station started,” Des said.

“A lot of music gets lost and wasted, and it’s nice to bring it all back to life.”

So far Des has converted more than 7000+ songs from old records including 45’s, LP’s and 78’s and also, cassette tapes and videos into MP3s which he then plays on the air for listeners.

Des lives in the Bellflower retirement village here in Sippy Downs and operates Village FM from his home playing an eclectic mix of music for every taste with a full Programs & Schedule list available on his website.

At breakfast time I love to play happy loving music for couples having breakfast and that sort of thing, for 9 till 12 I play a little bit more upbeat stuff and easy listening and then I do two hours of quieter stuff and that goes through early afternoon and then from midnight to about 4 am I do orchestral sleepy music, soft stuff which is nice.” Des Said.

But in amongst all that Des is introducing some 70’s and 80’s music as the demographics of the retirement village and wider community changes over time.

The station is licensed to transmit on the FM band frequency 87.6 MHz with an aerial power limited to an ERP of 1000 mW. Therefore the station services listeners within an estimated radius 2 kilometres from the approved transmitter site at the Des’s private residence, however with the online streaming service listeners can tune in from anywhere in Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast or anywhere in the world.

Village FM may well be the only station in Australia, if not in the world, broadcasting 24 hours a day and streaming on the net, from a retirement village.

Village FM aims to provide a variety of musical entertainment of a genre palatable to the residents of the Bellflower and Hibiscus Retirement complexes and the wider Sippy Downs Community. Village FM also to relays messages to residents in regard to social, sporting or leisure activities being organised or conducted by the retirement village management, village residents’ association, community website news and information and also community updates and opportunities for action by the Sippy Downs & District Community Association.

Des has a limited opportunity for local businesses to submit paid advertising which helps Des keep the station running and equipment maintained and when need be replaced and upgraded so if you are a local business who may be interested please do contact Des via his website linked throughout this story.


Des Cooper – Village FM
SCD – “Des becomes DJ at 80 to spin the classics”
ANRA – Village FM


Local Artist Chosen for Amazing Mural

Local Artist Chosen for Amazing Mural

On the 6th of December 2017 four, Sunshine Coast Artists were invited to respond to an EOI for a mural to be delivered at Beerwah Library for an outside feature wall. Designs by the participating artists underwent an extensive selection process with all designs submitted going up on display at the library for a public feedback period of 3 weeks whereby locals voted for their preferred submission.

The library was so taken by the outdoor design submitted by Local Sippy Downs Artist Mieke van den Berg that they asked Mieke to submit a superimposed design for a mural inside the library as a spin-off from the original design in order to tie the spaces together and really connect with the public.


Earlier this year due to a change in direction the original outdoor wall mural project had its funding pulled, however, Library Staff were so adamant that Mieke’s design for the indoor mural had to go ahead that they sourced alternative funding and last week Mieke delivered it!

In correspondence with Mieke, we asked if the design had any particular meaning and she shared with us “This mural is designed to highlight the important meaning given to the Black Glossy cockatoo by the indigenous peoples and how these meanings are important to our well-being as a community. My design celebrates the meaning of the name of the place “Beerwah” through the use of the colour blue in design 1. In design 2 the natural flora is represented using line and pattern. This contemporary artwork will create a lasting memory and will contribute to the ownership and pride of this engaging public space.”

On behalf of the entire community, we congratulate Mieke on delivering this beautiful project and look forward to seeing what she is up to next!

Take a look at how the project unfolded below.

To Visit Mieke and see more of what she has been up to visit her website or social media using the links below.

Art by Mieke Website –

Art by Mieke Facebook –

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