Sippy Downs Parents Connect

Sippy Downs Parents Connect

Sippy Downs Parents Connect

Would you like to meet other parents and families in Sippy Downs? Looking for activities for parents, support or advice with parenting? Sippy Downs Parents Connect is just for you.

Sippy Downs Parents Connect is an initiative led by Caloundra Community Centre and the SDDCA, delivered under Caloundra Community Centre‘s Caloundra & Hinterland Family Support Program and the SDDCA‘s commitment to represent the best interests of residents and ratepayers in the community by ensuring that local residents are aware and have access to any and all support services and resources available to them in times of need or simply when wanting to connect with other local families.

For more information visit

The very best way to stay up to date with available support and services is to follow the initiative’s Facebook Group or keep an eye out here for summaries of available opportunities, events and support.

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Need support? Contact Catherine from Caloundra Community Centre on 0415 943 318

Below are just some of the opportunities available over the next few weeks for parents!


Coming up on the 9th of October is the groups Sippy Downs Family – Picnic in the Park for full details and to register your interest please visit



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