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One’s community is one of the most important values after family and really our community is just an extension of our family. Our community surrounds us and in many ways moulds our way of life, our environment and our collective future.

The SDDCA believes the community is important, that’s why the SDDCA began and why we endeavour every day to continue the work that we do.

We believe Community gives you courage, it gives you hope and it gives you options which is why we are always building and maintaining the best community-based network we can, to enable us to assist the community at large to offer advice, views, opinions and constructive feedback to each other and to us for a better collective future.

A community like ours and an association such as ours does not run itself. Our SDDCA volunteers, supporters, partners and sponsors and the sole reason we are able to operate and without them the SDDCA would not be able to hold meetings, pursue community matters, lobby local state and federal government or work closely with you for the sake of our collective community.

It is the support from our Financial Members Community Partners and Sponsors that empower the SDDCA to operate and return to the community all that it does.

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