This is a unique opportunity for every resident of the Sunshine Coast – Division 6 Electorate to ask your Councillors elect anything you like.

2016 Sunshine Coast Regional Council Mayoral / Councillor Elections will be held on the 19 March 2016 and we are inviting you all to submit a question to be posed to each of the candidates.

This year’s candidates are:

HUGHES, Elaine
DICKSON, Christian

To submit your question please completes the form below. We will be accepting one question per resident.

Entries will close on Midnight, Sunday the 28th of February 2016. Correlation of similar or same questions will occur on the 29th of February. Relative to the responses submitted either all questions will be asked or we will offer you all the opportunity to vote on all questions submitted to form a shortlist of 8 questions.

Candidates will be contacted shortly thereafter and invited to answer the questions in an interview format with no editing to be done to the footage whatsoever, our commitment to open and transparent engagement with your councillors elect. The interviews will be published from this website as soon as each candidate has participated.

Councillors elect we look forward to speaking with you all soon and asking the questions your constituents would like to hear your responses to.

SDDCA Management Team

ERROR [Video states “Next two days”] – Submissions will in fact be open until Sunday the 29th. Our Apologies.