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Offer extended until the 3rd of July 2015!

Sippy Downs High Speed Internet – Limited Opportunity FREE Trial



The Sunshine Coast and in particular Sippy Downs has an ongoing issue with the quality and provision of broadband services.

Cr Christian Dickson together with the Sippy Downs and District Community Association Inc are currently working with a local organisation – Our Community Broadband Pty Ltd (OCB), which has been conceived to offer a solution to households and small businesses in areas suffering from  poor internet service, particularly where there are no imminent plans for improvements in the local infrastructure via the NBN..

The Technology

Fixed wireless broadband (also known as wireless DSL) is an exciting technology that has undergone rapid technological advances since its introduction over 10 years ago.  Deployed successfully around the world including regions of Australia, fixed wireless networks bring speeds as fast, or faster, than some ADSL2+ connections.  This undoubtedly safe technology operates in the 5 Gigahertz band, each receiver emitting less electromagnetic interference than a mobile phone.

More importantly, fixed wireless services aren’t reliant on existing copper networks, nor does the service level degrade as the distance from the exchange increases. You do not need a home phone line, nor a port at the exchange to receive consistent speeds of 12 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

The Sunshine Coast Network

OCB’s network on the Sunshine Coast includes a transmission point in the Blackhall Range which communicates with strategically located Community Distribution Points which then distribute the signal to the local area.

The infrastructure is now in place to offer this service in Sippy Downs, and all that is required for a home to be enabled is for a small antenna to be fixed to a roof aerial with a connection to an Ethernet cable which will be run externally from the roof into the home.

The Sippy Downs Trial

OCB are offering 10 households in the Sippy Downs area the opportunity to participate in a month long trial, starting in July this year which includes a free installation (valued at $249.00) and a free subscription to the Fast Unlimited 12/1 service (valued at 109.50/mth).

During the month long trial, OCB’s Network Operation Centre will be able to monitor each residences line speeds and report any deviations from the expected performance.

Should you wish to participate in the trial you would need to meet the following requirements:

  • The household is able to subscribe to the service ongoing post a successful trial period
  • An adult will allow supervised access to the household during the installation procedure
  • The householder will complete and return a questionnaire at the end of the month long trial
  • Your residence must be located within the geographical shown below.
    Community Internet EOI
  • Our Community Broadband will select an expression of interest to participate from each quadrant of the map relative to the information you provide based upon location, current internet speeds and other criteria. Please be as accurate as possible when completing your expression of interest.
  • Visit to complete your expression of interest for the FREE Trial.The trial expression of interest will remain open until Midnight the 25th of June 2015

At the end of the trial, households can choose to be disconnected from the service should it not meet expectations, thus incurring no costs – or continue with the service by taking out a monthly subscription from the selection of plans available.

Our Community Focus

OCB has a strong family and community focus.  As well as offering Family Friendly Filtering – a free option for your service, they have also committed to distribute 10% of annual net profits to local sports clubs in your community.  This funding will help pay for development programs, training, bursaries and team uniforms.

Additional information about OCB and Fixed Wireless technology can be found by visiting their website and their Facebook page,