On the 6th of December 2017 four, Sunshine Coast Artists were invited to respond to an EOI for a mural to be delivered at Beerwah Library for an outside feature wall. Designs by the participating artists underwent an extensive selection process with all designs submitted going up on display at the library for a public feedback period of 3 weeks whereby locals voted for their preferred submission.

The library was so taken by the outdoor design submitted by Local Sippy Downs Artist Mieke van den Berg that they asked Mieke to submit a superimposed design for a mural inside the library as a spin-off from the original design in order to tie the spaces together and really connect with the public.


Earlier this year due to a change in direction the original outdoor wall mural project had its funding pulled, however, Library Staff were so adamant that Mieke’s design for the indoor mural had to go ahead that they sourced alternative funding and last week Mieke delivered it!

In correspondence with Mieke, we asked if the design had any particular meaning and she shared with us “This mural is designed to highlight the important meaning given to the Black Glossy cockatoo by the indigenous peoples and how these meanings are important to our well-being as a community. My design celebrates the meaning of the name of the place “Beerwah” through the use of the colour blue in design 1. In design 2 the natural flora is represented using line and pattern. This contemporary artwork will create a lasting memory and will contribute to the ownership and pride of this engaging public space.”

On behalf of the entire community, we congratulate Mieke on delivering this beautiful project and look forward to seeing what she is up to next!

Take a look at how the project unfolded below.

To Visit Mieke and see more of what she has been up to visit her website or social media using the links below.

Art by Mieke Website – www.artbymieke.com

Art by Mieke Facebook – www.facebook.com/artbymieke

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