On Saturday 20 June 2015, Neighbourhood Watch Sippy Downs, Zone 1 Bellflower, will be launched at the park on Cnr Creekside and Ribbonwood.

Moving forward a map will be published of the entire Sippy Downs area, and in conjunction with the police, a Zone number (for police) and name with streets inclusive in that zone, will be nominated and a sub-committee will be elected. That sub-committee will be part of the established committee presently located in Zone 1. Once all areas are covered with a sub-committee Neighbourhood Watch Sippy Downs will be one covering the entire area.
Neighbourhood Watch Sippy Downs will be establishing a regular hints segment covering a lot of topics from locking up the house, how to reduce insurance on the home, road safety. Fire protection, water safety, and numerous other topics. Neighbourhood Watch Sippy Downs welcomes suggestions, but more importantly support.

All residents of Sippy Downs are invited to join Neighbourhood Watch Sippy Downs on 20 June at 1.30 pm for the Launch of the Neighbourhood Watch programme.

For contact details, meeting location and more visit the Neighbourhood Watch Sippy Downs listing on the Sippy Downs and District Community Directory


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