After our first initial public meeting last year, countless emails, phone calls, additional public meetings and discussions, Karawatha Street Buderim finally has its brand new speed awareness monitors signs (SAMS).

Residents initially flagged speeding motorists on Karawatha Street as an issue and this was verified by council collecting data that indicated a high degree of vehicles travelling well in excess of the posted 40kph limit.

The speed awareness monitors, known as SAM, aim to change motorist behaviour and reduce speeding in our suburbs.

If you are travelling at or below the speed limit, you will receive a smiley face from SAM to thank you for doing the right thing. SAM displays a slow down message if you are speeding to remind you to reduce your speed and drive safely on our roads.

I would like to thank the locals for their saint-like patience and willingness to work with myself and council staff. Particularly I want to thank Mei Vien for being a great point of contact between locals and council.

I’d also like to sincerely thank the council staff for working so hard to get residents an outcome. Thank you to Sharon, Mitch, Rodney and Don.

Although this has been a major win, I am looking forward to seeing the data over the next 3 months to ascertain what levels of speed compliance we have both pre and post the installation of the SAMS.

Should we need to look at additional physical traffic calming over time, I will not shy away from revisiting it.

I’d like to also acknowledge that speeding concerns have been raised towards the Karawatha Street/Alfriston Drive area and I will begin to work with locals there on solutions.