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I am safe, but please help me find my humans!


We live in Sippy Downs and this male Siamese has kept coming back to our house and spending a few hours with us in the garage and then leave.

After this we heard him crying from the bushes across the road at midnight one night, so we took him inside and made him a bed. The next day I found a huge tick on him and took him to the vet to remove it. They did, then they scanned his chip. Unfortunately he’s registered to some-one who gave him away 3 years ago, and the emergency contact is no longer in contact with the previous owner.

He’s well looked after and I believe some-one must really be missing him. Help us find his humans


Warm Regards,


Click the linked story for contact information.

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The milk is spilling!

The old adage don't cry over spilled milk is very wise indeed and the message is simple... the only time we have any power to enact change is before something happens. Something is about to happen, the milk is spilling, but it's not spilled yet! As we have shared...

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Electric bike to encourage a more sustainable transport choices!

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) has scheduled an “Introduction to Electric Bikes” group ride at Sippy Downs to encourage more sustainable transport choices for some journeys 8 am to 10 am on Saturday 13 October, departing from Windmill Park, Oxford Close, Sippy Downs.

There are a LIMITED number of positions with just 10 spots available so bookings will fill up fast! Rides are free to participants, and bikes and helmets are supplied. SCEC Reps will commence with a technical and safety briefing and finish with a friendly morning tea.

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Proposed Community Facilities Precinct Q&A Tomorrow

There will be a display at Chancellor Park Market Place (outside Woolworths) on Tomorrow (Thursday 20 Sept) from 9 am to 5 pm with members Innovative Planning Solutions and the Sippy Downs and District Community Association Inc on site with maps and plans of the proposed development. Residents are encouraged to attend, get informed and complete a letter of support.

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