Another Sippy Downs Resident reported yet another attempted break in last night via the Sippy Downs Community Facebook Page so we decided to do some research and report those findings to you all here. Using the Qld Police Crime Statistics Website we have compiled the following data on all crime in Sippy Downs from 01 November 2013 till 10 March 2014 and list a selection of these statistics for your information.
(The full 6 Page Crime Report PDF is linked below. We requested the report by run to the 08/04/2014 giving us the most current accurate data however the system cuts off at 10/03/14)

Unlawful entry offences includes burglary, enter with intent and possession of things for unlawful entry. The unlawful entry category includes the sub categories of: 1) dwellings, 2) shops, and 3) other. Examples of other unlawful entry may be to backyard sheds, boats, outhouses, and any other property other than shops or homes.


Other Property Damage includes offences such as graffiti and wilful damage offences.


Other Theft offences includes stealing from a person, shop stealing, fare evasion, stealing things sent by post, or in transit, stealing from a house, stealing from any other specified building, stealing by conversion or by a trick, and stealing stock.


Download the full Report by clicking the image below!










Source Website for Raw Data: