As a component of the fire management program for the University of the Sunshine Coast, a small area within the Compensatory Habitat translocation site has been identified as requiring a prescribed burn.

USC Compensatory Habitat
The section for the prescribed burn of USC’s Compensatory Habitat this Saturday is Area 1

This area is in the far corner of the University and adjacent to the University lakes, Claymore road and the Chancellor Park estate. The aim of this burn is to reduce the volume of heathland and forest fuels and to create a mosaic pattern of burnt and unburnt areas within the translocated habitat area. This will help reduce the intensity of any subsequent wildfires and provide favourable conditions for natural heath and forest regeneration.

Prior to burning a permit to light the fire will be issued by the local fire warden.

Suitable weather conditions such as moisture, humidity and wind speed and direction will dictate an appropriate day and time for the burn to take place. Depending on weather & a few other variables it will take place on the first suitable day of the following alternatives:-

Saturday, 23rd July
Wednesday, 10th August

Please note it is not intended to initiate burning for the entire reserve, with the prescribed burn encompassing 1 hectare of the reserve. The burn is planned to commence at approximately 10am on the first of those available days nominated above and is expected to be completed by 11am.

The burn will be undertaken by Officers from Rural Fire Service Queensland. During the burn access will be restricted.

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