Claymore Road reseal nearing completion:
As many of you would now know, the Claymore Road reseal project is nearing completion. Here are a few drone photos provided by council which I received this afternoon.
The new roadway is already showing that residents can have greater confidence for a smoother ride without the hassle of hitting potholes every time it rains.
You can see from the images below that there is room for Claymore Road to be duplicated to four (4) lanes. In fact, we built the off-road pathway with room to ensure this could happen. We will require some space from the adjoining national park at some pinch points and also the relocation of major power lines.
I want to state for the record again that I fully support Claymore Road being upgraded and believe that this must occur to cope with future growth. I will continue to push this matter with Council and the State Government.
You must also know that there are several new road projects and upgrades being planned for the area. Some of those include but are not limited to the following:
Sippy Downs/Buderim
– Sippy Downs Drive four (4) lane upgrade from Siena Catholic College to University Way. This is currently underway with completion aimed for late 2019.
– Stringybark Road to Power Road Buderim – New Road.
– Sippy Downs Drive to Power Road (across Sunshine Motorway) – New Road.
– Traffic lights at the corner of Dixon and Power Road to cope with new road traffic and assist pedestrian movements. New infrastructure.
– Scholars Drive school traffic – I have committed $200,000 of Division 6 funding to assist the State Government rectify traffic and parking issues associated with the Chancellor Primary School. This money could be spent building a second road access from Scholars Drive to Columbia Street or by installing traffic signals at Scholars Drive and University Way.
Palmview/Harmony Development
– A road to the south to Caloundra Road – New Road.
– A road to the Bruce Highway to tie in with the 6 lane upgrade – New Road.
– Access to Springhill Drive, Sippy Downss – New Road.
– I’m also pushing for an unplanned road to be built to the Kawana Hospital. I’m having this investigated now as it would be a great link for the future.
I hope you find this useful.
As always, happy to chat further.
Kind regards,

Author Profile

Cr Christian Dickson
Cr Christian Dickson
Christian is the Division 6 Councillor for the Sunshine Coast Council.

Christian was elected at the age of 19 years old in October 2006. In 2008 Christian was re-elected as the local councillor for Division 6 as part of the amalgamated Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

In the 2012 local election Christian was elected unopposed, something that was unexpected and very humbling.

Having been re-elected in 2016 he feels that he has a strong mandate to work hard for the community whilst continuing to deliver important projects in Division 6.

Christian feels “blessed” having the opportunity to live on the Sunshine Coast and having the opportunity to work with local resident's to improve lived experiences in our region.

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