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5th June 2012
The Minister delays the TMR review of feedback on draft plan, “The department expects to complete its review of the draft plan later this year”. Read the Minister’s response: click here

21st March 2012
With regard to the proposed closure of five on/off ramps to the Sunshine Motorway & the Bruce Highway, the Sippy Downs & District Community Association has received advice from David Stewart, the Director General of the Department of Transport & Main Roads Qld (TMR). He has indicated that the TMR will provide a formal response to all submissions once they have completed a review by mid 2012. What this means is that no decision on the planned on/off ramp closures will be made until the middle of the year. The timing of the State election has not helped our cause and the State Government is consequently in “caretaker mode”.

For this reason we have turned to our Federal Member Peter Slipper, for an update and assistance. Following the community forum that Mr Slipper held at Palmview and his subsequent meeting with the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, the SDDCA has asked for a commitment from the Federal Minister that the five on/off ramps on the Bruce Highway and Sunshine Motorway will remain open. Disappointingly, we have not had a response from our Federal Member.

To this day we have not had the (current) State or Federal Minister give us a commitment that the five on/off ramps will remain open. All we have received is a verbal statement made by the current State Minister Craig Wallace that the TMR will go back to the drawing board. That’s good, but not good enough!

Despite a recent mail-out to the community by Mr Slipper claiming a “great outcome for the coast” the fight is not over yet. Our battle continues.

28th February 2012
SDDCA has been informed that the Public submission process has now closed. Review of feedback will be completed by TMR mid 2012. Watch this space, as the fight is not over! Read the TMR response: click here.

10th February 2012
Minister Craig Wallace tells TMR to go back to the drawing board.
See the 7 local news story click here
See the Craig Wallace & Peter Slipper video click here

The Sippy Downs and District Community Association objects to the following items in the TMR draft plan:

1. The closure of the existing westbound ramp from Sippy Downs Drive onto the Sunshine Motorway, heading towards Brisbane and the Bruce Highway

2. The redesign of the eastbound on ramp from Sippy Downs Drive onto the Sunshine Motorway, heading towards Mooloolaba

3. The closure of the existing eastbound off ramp from Sunshine Motorway onto Sippy Downs Drive and Tanawha Road

4. The resumption of 22 homes to construct part of the Western Service Road linking Crosby Hill Drive

5. No direct Northerly access from the Western Service Road onto the Bruce Highway

6. No direct Southerly access from the Bruce Highway onto the Western Service Road

7. The closure of the existing southbound off ramp from the Bruce Highway onto Pignata Road, Palmview

8. The closure of the existing southbound on ramp from Pignata Road onto the Bruce Highway, Palmview

9. The closure of the existing northbound off ramp from the Bruce Highway onto Frizzo Road, Palmview

View the SDDCA submission to the TMR Draft Plan (click here)

The TMR Draft plan for the Bruce Highway upgrade does NOT completely tell you about road closures and resumptions. The on/off ramps at Sippy Downs, accessing the Sunshine Motorway are earmarked for closure.

This will have serious consequences for business owners, their customers, residents and visitors to Sippy Downs, Buderim, Tanawha, Palmview & Glenview.

LIVES ARE AT RISK with Emergency response times lengthened for vehicles to enter & exit the area. Every minute counts in an emergency situation.

We need your help to let the T.M.R know that we will not go back to a single entry & exit strategy for Sippy Downs, when travelling to Brisbane.

The TMR state their reasons for removing the entry and exit ramps as “must be removed to comply with the national safety standards for spacing between this interchange and the Bruce Highway/Sunshine Motorway interchange.” This is a ridiculous assumption and absolute narrow mindedness by the TMR. There are alternatives which have not been considered, and keep the entry/exit ramps. Ask the TMR about the Glenview Interchange at Mountain Creek, and look at that as a hipocritical example of their argument. These have been outlined in a submission by the SDDCA to the TMR.

They ask us to go back to the bad old days of only one road in and one road out of Sippy Downs when travelling to Brisbane, and use the Dixon Road Interchange. They say that it will only add 3 minutes to your journey by doing this! When everyone is doing the same thing it will take a lot longer than 3 minutes to get onto the Sunshine Motorway and travel to Brisbane.

With Claymore Road not going to be considered for an upgrade until 2031 (according to Council) and the significant rise in traffic numbers along this road when the Palmview development starts, it means congestion, congestion and more congestion. It does not make sense to only have the Dixon Road Interchange as the only access point to the Sunshine Motorway to travel to Brisbane.

Plus they want to close on/off ramps accessing Aussie World & the Ettamogah Pub from the Bruce Highway, on/off Pignata Road. This would have a devistating effect on business owners who rely on passing traffic from the Bruce Highway. Not to mention the 17,000 Palmview residents who will need direct access to the Bruce Highway via Pignata Road.

The TMR answers to our objections so far, lack common sense and certainly do not take into account community concern. Public consultation has now closed.

We look forward to the next “Draft Plan”. Thank you for your support.


Laurent DEVOS
President SDDCA

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