Local Resident John Manson has set up a Sippy Downs Fire & Smoke Alert Facebook Page so that local residents are more comfortable and prepared if bushfires or hazard reduction are noticed or impending.

As reported on the page John states “I have had discussions with the Council Bush Fire control officer, I have been to a meeting with the Ilkely Rural Fire Brigade (just joined up as a volunteer), I have been in discussions with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and all are very supportive of what I am trying to achieve. This (Facebook) page is an information page and not a discussion page like most others. The information I am given is only accurate on a day to day basis and predicted hazard reduction burning will be controlled by weather conditions.”

Here at the community website we think this is a fantastic community resource and urge local residents to visit John’s page and give it a like to receive updates as John posts them.

Like John we are passionate about providing information and resources to the local community in the easiest way possible. We all lead busy lives, empowering locals like you to find the information that matters when we need it is our primary goal.

As this community website now disseminates automatically to 6 local Facebook groups in Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek & Buderim we urge locals to submit their local news and information anytime they need. We have spoken to John and made him aware of this standing offer giving him the ability to publish directly from the community website as Sippy Downs Fire & Smoke Alert anytime he needs. We look forward to supporting John to do that in the future.

General Emergency Info

Another great community information outlet which also covers news regarding fires but goes way above and beyond including all natural disaster events and road closures is the Sunshine Coast Council disaster hub website located at https://disasterhub.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/

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