Driving through Sippy downs yesterday and I had to do a double take as for a moment I thought I might have just somehow found myself in the middle of a movie set.

What cause me to do this double take?

The Sippy Downs Police Station commenced yesterday with patrolling the area on all terrain Segways!
These nifty and agile one person vehicles create a presence that simply cannot be missed and since police presence is definitely the first line of defence in discouraging illegal and anti-social behaviour it is a welcome addition to the area.

Thank you to Senior Constable Veronica BRENNAN and Senior Constable Andy WATTS for taking the time to stop and have a quick chat and I look forward to seeing you again out and about in our beautiful suburb.

So Mum’s and Dad’s remind your kids to wear their helmets at all times and take comfort in the new and improved police presence to the area.

Below is the Media Release from the Office in Charge about the Segway addition to our local police station.

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Matt Druce
SDDCA – Webmaster

Left Senior Constable Veronica BRENNAN
Right Senior Constable Andy WATTS


The new addition to the Sippy Downs Station yesterday saw Patrols by Officers on Segways. The Brightly coloured Personal Mobility Device will be utilised in the Sippy Downs Division commencing yesterday.

Sergeant Brett Young Officer in Charge of Sippy Downs says, “The introduction of SEGWAY patrols will give police from Sippy Downs easy and timely access to bikeways and pathways within the division to add another layer of crime prevention to the local area.”

Police will be conducting future patrols of pathways and bikeways in the area, and will be keeping a close eye on any offenders in these areas.

The officers on patrol yesterday met with excited Students from Siena Primary School and the Sunshine Coast University, members of the public were excited by the presence of Police on Segways, and this mode of transport enhances the Community Spirit.

Veronica BRENNAN
| Senior Constable 9958 General Duties Officer
Sippy Downs Police Station  205 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs, QLD 4556
GPO Box 7428, Sippy Downs
W  –  07 5409 1333 |  F –  07 5409 1399
E  –




From left to right

Sgt Brett YOUNG, Senior Constable Veronica BRENNAN, Senior Constable Andy WATTS and Senior Constable Glen ROBERTSON