For those of you following the delivery of a community facility and library in the Sippy Downs Town Centre, the below update will provide you with the latest information regarding the process in making this project a reality.

The project has progressed with the focus of the 18/19 year financial on understanding the site constraints and preparing the site as a priority.  A fauna and flora study and cultural heritage study have been completed and enabled a clearing permit application including an Impact Management Plan to be submitted to the State Government for assessment.

Once Council has the approval from the State Government, a contractor will be engaged to clear and prepare the site for future use by the community. It is anticipated that this work will occur before the end of this financial year.

It is important to know that any trees removed in the Sippy Downs Town Centre are offset and replanted in designated wildlife reserves within the Sunshine Coast Local Government area. Replacing and replanting vegetation is important to ensure we have a no net loss of habitat in the region. Council’s current environment strategies recognise that 85% of the region is vegetated or otherwise not suitable for urban development and will remain protected in to the future.

The Sippy Downs Town Centre has been designated as a Major Activity Centre (MAC) since 2000 under the previous Maroochy Shire Planning scheme. All of the current developments existing or pending approval/construction have been public knowledge since as early as 2000 with current planning directions reconfirmed in the 2014 Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme.

The next phase of planning for the community site will be subject to funding in the 2019/20 budget which will be adopted in June this year. I support the council officers current approach in first ensuring the site is made available for future use whilst moving into the next phase of community engagement with local residents in the Sippy Downs area.

Council recognises that Sippy Downs requires a community facility and a library and will continue to progress this project as a priority for the area.

As always, I am very happy to meet with members of the public, field questions on issues and engage on matters that are important to them. I pride myself on being open, accountable and accessible to ratepayers.

Always in the public interest,

Cr Christian Dickson

Division 6 Councillor

Sunshine Coast Council