SCN_02-03-2015_EGN_02_SCN020315maze_t460SOME people plant a few flowers and call it a garden. Sophy Wrangell gardens on a much grander scale.

The owner of Bellingham Maze has spent the past 20 months planting and caring for 1000 lilly pillies.

Endless watering, fertilising and trimming has seen the plants reach the point where they can finally be called a maze.

The major project began when Ms Wrangell and her family ripped out more than a thousand 20-year-old cypress pines that formed the original maze.

The lilly pillies were planted in the shape of an eight-pointed star and then the long wait began.

With a bit of tender loving care, the tiny plants have grown into a stunning 1.5m-tall hedge maze.

Ms Wrangell is delighted the project is nearing completion and will soon be re-opened to the public.

She said the family had decided to keep the traditional shape of the maze because it was considered an iconic part of the Sunshine Coast.

“It’s the same as the original that was planted 20 years ago – we decided the best thing to do was to put in the same design,” she said.

“From the air you can see the perfect shape.”

The maze, which will officially open on March 21, takes about 20-25 minutes to finish.

“It’s an old-fashioned, mysterious type of challenge; people are intrigued by it,” Ms Wrangell said.

“We want to be in the business because it’s unusual and unique.

“It’s not the everyday coffee shop or corner store. It’s unusual, it’s growing and it’s outdoors.

“I think a lot of our customers have been waiting for the hedge maze to come back. When they see it I think they will say ‘wow this is just a-mazing’.”

The big reveal will see plenty of family fun on offer for the launch weekend, including face painting, prizes, giveaways and live music.

“Saturday is going to be a family day,” Ms Wrangell said. “It will be a day of fun with activities in the mazes, face painting, hundreds of prizes and giveaways and buy one, get one free vouchers from other local attractions.


“The Sunday will be a relaxed day for adults with live music from the Limeburners and, again, lots of giveaways for lucky customers.”

Ms Wrangell said she hoped the opening would also highlight other iconic attractions such as Aussie World, Australia Zoo, Sunshine Castle, Sea Life and the Big Kart Track.

The Bellingham Maze is located at Tanawha Tourist Dr.

For details visit vist them on Facebook or phone 5445 2979.

(Original Story thanks to SunCoast Daily )