SDDCW DistributionThis website was created to empower the greater community and to centralise the flow of community relevant information for the Sippy Downs and Surrounding Areas.

One of the reasons we decided to do this is that there is many great organisations, groups and businesses sharing information on their own digital networks however often large parts of the community do not ever see this information as the community members are not subscribed to the organisations website, social or email distribution networks. Also where Community Members are connected to all of the local websites, social or email distribution networks often information is lost in their inbox or social feed.

By everyone working together in the true spirit of community and centralising the flow of information through the “Sippy Downs & District Community Website”, locals can see all News, Offers, Events and Opportunities to participate or get involved all in one place! Then they can simply click the your post to take them to your individual Website or Social Page or Feed for full or further details, to book or express interest.

To send us your content for distribution on this website simply complete the form below, upload your images if you have them and once approved we will send your News, Event or Offer out directly to the community.

N.B This website does not share general business advertising! HOWEVER we do operate a “Community Directory” where you can list your local business so that user of the website can find you when they need you.

(Do you want to be a contributor to the Sippy Downs & District Community Website as a registered “Contributor Admin”? If you are a registered organisation you are eligible! It enables you to share your Group or Organisations local News and Information any time you like by making you a Contributor Admin of this Website.  Go to our “Contributors Page” to register your request.)

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