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Removal of on-street parking – Pignata Road, Palmview

Removal of on-street parking – Pignata Road, Palmview

Dear Community,

The Department of Transport and Main Roads wishes to advise you of upcoming preliminary construction activities for the Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway. 

From 5.00am on Tuesday 18 April 2017

For the safety of motorists and construction workers, it will be necessary to remove on-street parking on a small section of Pignata Road as part of preliminary construction works. More detail of the ‘no parking zone’ is in the construction notice attached.

This will allow for construction to begin on a new car pool facility and work to occur on Pignata Road to provide safe access into and out of the facility.

Parking will be removed from the remainder of Pignata Road once the new car pool facility is opened to the public and construction work moves into these areas. Construction of the car pool facility is expected to take approximately six months to complete.

These no parking arrangements will remain in place until construction is completed in late 2020, weather permitting.

What else to expect:

Work in this area is expected to be undertaken
Monday to Friday, from 6am to 6pm.
As construction ramps up, the community should expect:

  • Increased construction traffic: The number of construction and heavy vehicles will increase on Pignata Road. Please take care when travelling on this road.
  • Audible noise: Audible noise from construction activities and heavy machinery can be expected.
    Reversing beepers are a safety requirement and will be used at all times during work hours.
  • Changed traffic conditions: Reduced speed
    limits will be in place in this area. Traffic
    controllers will also be present at times during working hours.

PDF File Here –

If you have any questions about these activities, please contact the project team on 1800 749 022 or by emailing

Kind regards,

Project Team
Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway

North Coast District | Program Delivery And Operations | Department of Transport and Main Roads

PO Box 1600 | Maroochydore Qld 4558
P: 1800 749 022 | F: (07) 5451 7098


Construction notice – Bruce Highway Upgrade

Construction notice – Bruce Highway Upgrade

Temporary eastbound ramp closures – Sippy Downs interchange

Preliminary construction is continuing on the Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway in preparation for major construction to begin in mid-2017. 

As part of preliminary construction activities, the location of underground services need to be confirmed so that detailed planning for construction can progress.

Pot holing techniques and a vacuum truck are typically used to locate, identify and confirm the depth of existing underground utilities. 

Due to the proximity of the water main to the eastbound entry and exit ramps at Sippy Downs interchange, the ramps will need to be temporarily closed while service location works are undertaken. 

Please note, access to and from Tanawha Tourist Drive will be maintained via the signalised intersection on the northern side of the Sippy Downs interchange during the ramp closure. The changed traffic conditions are shown on a map overleaf.

Working hours

These service location works will be undertaken at night, from 8pm to 5am, to safeguard construction workers and motorists. 

Works on the entry and exit ramps will commence on Sunday 9 April 2017 and are expected to be completed over two separate nights.

Please note this schedule is subject to change due to weather and other site conditions.

What to expect

• Temporary ramp closures: The eastbound entry and exit ramps at the Sippy Downs interchange will be closed to all road users over two separate nights to facilitate these works.

• Access: Access to and from Tanawha Tourist Drive will be maintained via the signalised intersection on the northern side of the Sippy Downs interchange. 

• Audible noise: Audible noise from construction activities and heavy machinery can be expected.

Reversing beepers and flashing lights are a safety requirement and will be used at all times during work hours.

• Traffic control: Traffic control will be in place with reduced speed limits near the work zone. Motorists should expect short delays during these works. 

Subscribe to the free SMS and email service to receive regular updates about project activities and construction. To register, please visit the project website at (search for ‘Caloundra Road interchange’).

April 2017

Ref: CN06

What’s next

Detailed design work is continuing to prepare a final design for construction. Preliminary construction works are on track for major construction to begin in mid-2017.

Other preliminary construction activities include:

• survey and other monitoring and investigation works 

• site preparation works for the main site compound and satellite offices

• vegetation trimming and removal

• building demolition works.



27 August 2015



The alarming news from last night’s Sippy Downs & District Community Association’s public meeting was that $907.2 million could be lost if the Sunshine Coast community does not unite and support the Bruce Highway upgrade project – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway.

New SDDCA President Peter Kinchin said, “Approximately 100 people attended the meeting last night and we were pleased to offer residents the opportunity to view a presentation on  the Bruce Highway upgrade project by Amanda Yeates, Regional Director for North Coast and Wide Bay/Burnett, Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Project Director Gavin Soward.  The presentation was very informative and included directional arrows for various travel route so that the audience could clearly understand the proposed new traffic flow.

“In addition to the presentation, residents had the opportunity to ask questions on the project to four senior Main Roads staff and also Federal Member for Fisher Mal Brough.”

The outgoing SDDCA president stated “What is deeply concerning is the current campaign to “Save the exit 190 ramps”.  We would like to ensure that everyone understands that this project is a $1.134 billion project which is funded on an 80:20 basis.  This equates to the federal government contributing $907.2 million.  During a briefing on this project, the Department of Transport and Main Roads advised that federal government funding is contingent on the federal government identifying sufficient benefits to warrant the investment. The return of a 110km/hr speed limit will improve travel times and contribute to the overall benefits from the upgrade. Other key benefits include increase traffic capacity, road safety and bringing this section of the highway to the current standards. It would not be possible to achieve these benefits if all of the 190 ramps were to remain.”

Mal Brough, Federal Member for Fisher said: “It is essential that the community supports this initiative. The project represents significant infrastructure spend that will alleviate major traffic and safety issues.  We must ensure that there is no reason for this funding to be lost or delayed.”

 (Continuation of outgoing president’s report): The SDDCA is also concerned about information being circulated stating by the “Save Exit 190” Facebook group stating that the removal of the 190 ramps would generate traffic onto the local road network of Sippy Downs.  The fact is, we have known for several years that the Palmview greenfield development was NEVER going to get direct access onto the national highway.  The only way for the future 17000 residents to access the Bruce Highway without going through the streets of Sippy Downs is via a connection to the Western Service Road of the highway.

Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie said, “I have supported the SDDCA lobbying for a connection to the western service road and want to assure residents that this upgrade will not increase traffic through Sippy Downs from the future Palmview greenfield development.

(Continuation of outgoing president’s report): Mr Mr Blejie also raised the option of leaving one ramp out of the four 190 ramps open. That being the southbound entry ramp on the eastern side of the highway.  For the benefit of businesses in the Aussie World precinct, the SDDCA supports the further investigation of this proposal providing:

  1. It meets the current safety standards of DTMR.
    2.  It would not place funding of this project in jeopardy.
    3.  It allows for the complete project delivery, including expansion to 6 lanes.|
    4.  It would not delay the connection to Palmview due to increased costs of construction or cause any impediment.

Mr Kinchin said, “Interestingly, only two questions from the floor relating to the project were asked, and both related to hydrology. As the presentation was so thorough and residents also heard of the project benefits from the Federal and State Members, Councillor and the SDDCA committee, it appears that no further questions were necessary. DTMR also  provided details on ongoing community consultation.

“What is most concerning is the risk of having this $1.134 billion dollar project placed in jeopardy.”


Media inquiries –

Bruce Highway Update – M. Brough, MP

Bruce Highway Update – M. Brough, MP

Bruce Highway Update – M. Brough, MP

In order to ensure that the SDDCA was abreast of the position of all stakeholders with regards to the impending Bruce Highway Upgrade Plans we wrote to Mal Brough M.P to ascertain his position on the matter. The SDDCA would like to thank Mal Brough, M.P for his prompt reply shown below and again emphasise that the SDDCA welcomes feedback from all members of the community regarding the Bruce Highway Upgrade and asks that all submissions, input and feedback be sent directly to:

SDDCA Committee


Bruce Highway Update – M. Brough, MP

Bruce Hwy Update – DTMR Responses

Bruce Hwy Update – DTMR Responses

Bruce Hwy Update – DTMR Responses to SDDCA Clarification Requests

Due to the recent concerns aired publicly by a newly formed action group, the Sippy Downs & District Community Association has sought clarification from the Department of Transport and Main Roads to assure residents that the information released by the SDDCA is accurate and that the current Bruce Highway upgrade plans will NOT have an adverse impact on local Sippy Downs streets.

Questions and answers below. (DTMR Responses are highlighted in Blue)

Would the closure of the on/off ramps on the Bruce Highway and the construction of the western service road “have huge implications for future increased traffic THROUGH Sippy Downs, when 17,000 people are trying to get into Palmview (the new Palmview greenfield site)?  Save Exit 190 has stated that ‘motorists will always take the shortest route possible, and that means through our already congested streets of Sippy Downs’.  Can you please clarify?

Neither the western service road nor the closure of the ramps at Pignata and Frizzo Roads will have any impact on traffic flow through Sippy Downs. 
The development and approval process for the Palmview residential development infrastructure plan is an independent process and is not dependent on any upgrade of the Bruce Highway. 
TMR’s input into the assessment of the Palmview infrastructure plan was to advise that the development would not be allowed to have direct access to the Bruce Highway or access to the Highway via the existing entry and exit ramps at Pignata Road.
As part of the Bruce Highway – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway upgrade project, TMR has allowed provision for a road connection from the Palmview development to connect to the upgraded Pignata Road underpass. This connection would be undertaken by others not TMR.

The SDDCA accepts the need to remove the exit 190 ramps for safety and operations reasons in order to construct the western service road, increase this section of highway to six lanes and increase the speed limit to 110 knp.  The following response was received from DTMR:

Based on the revised preferred planning layout released on 17 July 2015, the department will permanently remove the access ramps in the Glenview/Palmview area for safety and operational reasons which are reflected in new road design standards adopted since the highway was last upgraded in the 1980’s. Importantly, only after completion of the western service road will the Frizzo Road/Pignata Road entry and exit ramps be removed, creating a safer environment for motorists. This is anticipated towards the end of the construction program.
The western service road will be constructed as an extension of Frizzo Road to Steve Irwin Way in the south and to Tanawha Tourist Drive in the north, designed specifically to provide local road connections and improve safety for local road users accessing their properties and/or local businesses in the Glenview/Palmview area.
Extensive investigations were undertaken as part of the review of the draft planning layout into providing direct highway access to the Aussie World precinct. Based on the revised preferred planning layout, maintaining the ramps between these two interchanges creates an unsafe road environment by creating conflicting lane changing and merging movements, increasing the crash risk. 

Does the current plan have any adverse impact for emergency service vehicle response time?

The department consulted with representatives from emergency services, key stakeholders and the community to develop a layout which provides a safer road environment and eases congestion along this section of the National Highway. 
The improvements from the upgrade include safer and more efficient access for emergency services and indeed, all road traffic. Traffic projections show that without an upgrade, traffic on the highway and interchanges will impact heavily on free traffic flow such that emergency response times, especially during peak hour traffic, will be severely impeded without an upgrade.

An update of the Bruce Highway upgrade will be an agenda item at the Sippy Downs & District Community Association AGM on Wednesday 26 August 2015 commencing at 7pm, at the Chancellor State College primary campus hall.

For further information on the AGM Please visit –

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