Chancellor State School – Traffic Solutions POLL

Chancellor State School – Traffic Solutions POLL

This POLL is designed to measure usage of the 3 proposed solutions being explored by Cr Christian Dickson​:

A. The existing loop back to University Way to exit the area with the addition of Traffic Lights

B. The one way Bus Lane to get through to Sippy Downs Drive to exit the area

C. The one way road to get through to Colombia St / Parkville Street to exit the area

All data is available LIVE one the poll is completed!

NB: We are also working on the exploration of all of the potential additional solutions raised by you, the community.

This poll in no way precludes more solutions being explored and delivered. The more solutions that can be delivered the better the overall outcome will be in reducing traffic congestion.

Scholars Drive Primary School Parking & Traffic Issues – 21 March 17

Scholars Drive Primary School Parking & Traffic Issues – 21 March 17

Following a lot of conjecture in the community about what is happening in relation to traffic & parking at Chancellor State Primary School (in Scholars Dr, Sippy Downs) and the overflow parking issues that plague the local community at pick up times for students, we arranged an interview with (Councillor) Cr Christian Dickson to see where he is at in delivering much needed solutions.

We urge all members of the community who may be affected by parking and traffic problems to watch this interview to ensure you are up to date with the current progress and fully aware of potential issues and possible action that may need to be taken to deliver real solutions.

As discussed in the interview we will present a progress update in a few weeks.


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Notice of Tree Works

Notice of Tree Works

TO THE OWNERS/RESIDENTS along the section of University way, between Oxford
close and Scholars ave

Notice of Tree Works:

Removal of 9 x Trees. Located along the section of University way, between Oxford
close and Scholars ave, to facilitate footpath replacement.

We advise that it is necessary for Council to remove vegetation at the above location.
Footpath maintenance works will take place once the trees have been removed.

Works will include removing lifted sections of footpath and reinstating to correct height. Pedestrian
traffic control will be onsite for the duration of works, which will continue for several days.
Work is scheduled to commence shortly and replacement trees will be planted in the near

Should you require further information, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on
(07) 5475 7272.

Sippy Downs Parks Master Plan – Project News and Survey

Sippy Downs Parks Master Plan – Project News and Survey

Sippy Downs residents here is you chance to truly have your say about future parks upgrades for the entire area.

This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for local residents to actively take part in providing Sunshine Coast Council and in turn Cr Christian Dickson – Division 6 the information they need to deliver future improvements to parks in Sippy Downs, Queensland that are truly needed and wanted.

It is essential that as local residents we all take part in this survey to ensure that the upgrades to be included in this Master Plan are truly representative of community needs and wants.

We are very excited to not only see these upgrades on their way but thrilled to see the consultation for this master plan being delivered in a way that is truly collaborative, inclusive and available to each and every local resident including mail outs to residents letterboxes for those who do not use social media or local news and information websites.

Been wanting an upgrade to your local park? The more responses you harvest for your local park the greater the likely hood of it’s inclusion in the final plans so share this post as widely as possible.

Survey link to “Survey Monkey”

Download a PDF copy of the Survey and submit via email

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McDonalds, KFC, Caltex and Coffee for Sippy Downs Drive? The DA Applicaton is in

McDonalds, KFC, Caltex and Coffee for Sippy Downs Drive? The DA Applicaton is in

Map 237 Sippy Downs Drive

There has been a lot of speculation on what will become of the land bordering Claymore Road, Sippy Downs Drive and the existing Police Station property for quite some time.

Over the last few months as shown on the Sunshine Coast Council PD online DA Digital Management and Approval system an application has been lodged and progressing detailing what appears to be a brand new Caltex Service Centre and 3 fast food establishments with drive-thru facilities. This application is currently in progress and is currently presenting a “Not Determined” status via the Sunshine Coast Council’s PD Online web service

Architectural Proposal Plans-1

At this time based on the information available via the PD online website it would appear two of the fast food outlets May include McDonald’s and KFC however this information is only based upon the visual imagery provided within the actual development application located in the link below.

Architectural Proposal Plans-13 Architectural Proposal Plans-8 Architectural Proposal Plans-6 Architectural Proposal Plans-4

With the recent approval and announcement of the Youii Headquarters commencing here in Sippy Downs and the upcoming Palmview Development located between Sippy Downs and the Bruce Highway on top of the current Coles construction this signifies yet another significant step forward in the ongoing development and refinement of Sippy Downs infrastructure and commercial construction. 

To see the design documents directly please visit

For the full PD Online Application information follow this link Council reference (MCU16/0111)