Another day another dollar and you can make your dollar go further with our great Easter specials full stop you’ll be hopping mad to miss them

We have a great range of Easter eggs for the kiddies and of course a heap of chocolate specials for the adults including:

  • Cadbury roses 150g only $4.50
  • Cadbury roses 450g only $10
  • Cadbury Favourites 320g only $6
  • Lindt 100g blocks now only $2.00

We also have a large amount of specials storewide this week including:

  • Smiths 170g Crinkle Chip Variety $2.50
  • Doritos 175g Variety only $1.64
  • Kraft 185g dip only $2.00
  • Copperpot 200g dip variety $2.50 (excludes Avocado)
  • Arnotts Chocolate Biscuit Variety now only $2.50
  • Schweppes 1.25L Variety $1.30
  • Schweppes 4x300ml variety only $3.80
  • Sara Lee Chocolate and Sticky Date Pudding 475g only $4.50
  • Continental Pasta & Sauce Variety $1.00
  • San Remo Spaghetti Variety only $1.95
  • Dolmio 500g Pasta Sauces only $2.00
  • Fantastic Noodle Variety now only $1.00
  • Greenseas 95g Tuna Varieties only 99c
  • Masterfoods Tartare sauce and mint jelly $2.00
  • Praise Salad Dressing now only $1.74
  • Blast 400ml Dishwashing Liquid $1.50


IGA Xpress Chancellor Park will be open all weekend including Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday and Monday from 6am till 7pm.

From all the team at IGA Xpress Chancellor Park we wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Easter. 


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